I believe that there are generaly three sides to the concept of experience: employment, volunteer and skills. Employment is a professional gainful application of knowledge and experience, whereas volunteer is the same appliucation of knowledge and experience, for some other good, and skills are specific applications that I consider myself capble of applying to the former (e.g. I use skills in my employment and volunteering). Additionally, skills can be obtained and refined through education and research, even if not yet applied to employment or volunteering. I break these out because, I have had employment where, my title suggestedsthat I was performing a certain task, but in fact, I did something completely differently.


I believe education, both formal, and self pursuits are important to remaining current in the technology arena. The following sections lay out a collection of courses I have completed, both as part of a degree granting program, and for personal self betterment.

Formal Education

I have dedicated a significant portion of my life bettering myself through formal education, and continue to do so today. My long term goal is to complete a Phd, which I ended without completing a dissertation in 2013, when my wife (who is an OBGYN in the army) was relocated.